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10 Years
Mar 26, 2011
Upper Peninsula Michigan
You certainly can, and it will increase laying - that is what commercial operations do.

However, it will lead to a less-than-healthy situation for your birds. It is normal for all creatures to have a "night" period, and think of how you would feel if the lights were left on all the time - tired, crabby, and more susceptable to infections due to stress. Chickens only need 14 hours of light for "normal" production. And leaving them a few months at the end of the year with shorter days seems to let them have a rest period before resuming laying.

I start adding light after the new year, about 12 hours a day total, by having a light come on in the mornings about 4 am. That allows the hens to have a normal twilight period where they can find their perches and settle in for the night.

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