Limp and xrays


Nov 8, 2018
Alberta Canada
So here is some background info. Elsa is a 2y old silkie. She had a slight limp in the fall, and we assumed that maybe she had landed on it wrong as she had no issues bearing weight on it or walking. Fast forward to spring, her limp has been slowly getting worst. She still hangs out with the flock and gets around, but now tends to find a shaddy area to lay down. She can no longer get up or down the ramp into the coop. She still eats, drinks, and has normal poop. We took her to the vet earlier this week thinking maybe she re-injured her leg. The vet said nothing was injured but they found something else and sent the xrays to a specialist who we are waiting to hear back from. I was just wondering if anyone has seen similar xrays and know what we may be dealing with? Any insight would be appreciated.


Elsa VD(1).jpg
Elsa Lateral(1).jpg
Actually yes, thanks for asking. The vet contacted us a few days ago. The specialist got back to her and apparently Elsa has a bone cyst or cysts. One on her leg bone and another on her wing. She said it's not common and in the 20 years she has been a vet she hasn't seen one. She said we could do a biopsy on the cyst (600-700 dollars) but we just can't afford that right now. She said removing it would be complicated, and likely would involve removing the bone and replace it with a pin. We will likely do another xray in a few months to determine it the cysts are getting larger. Right now she will have to stay on metacam, at least to help with pain. Otherwise she seems to be a happy girl, just not as active or Mobile as her flock mates.

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