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    Out of 13 live chicks (so far) one is limp. S/he was hatched 2 days (going on 3 tomorrow). Literally, since it hatched, it can't sit up, much less do anything else. Picking it up, it lays limp- only slightly moving its head but will move its legs yet won't move its toes. I've tried giving it water and food but it's uninterested. It'll peep here and there.

    It's probably a goner, but any suggestions? I don't like to give up on any sick/injured animal (especially a baby), but know after exhausting all ideas to help, will end its 'suffering'.

    I've already tried water, sugar water, a water yolk mixture, chick starter gruel etc-yet won't eat/drink.
    It's plenty warm so coldness isn't an issue. Know some are born to die, but it's just sad!
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    Run down to Tractor Supply and get some Nutri-Drench. When neonates get weak their G.I tract stops being effective. They can't uptake the helps you are giving them efficiently enough to jumpstart their body systems. They slowly get weaker in spite of your helps until they reach a tipping point where the lack of energy causes the body systems to cascade in failure. Then they start failing and the neonate dies.
    You need to interdict that timeline before the cascade starts with energy the chick can use.
    Here's how: .
    I have been using it on my collies and poultry for over a decade. Great stuff. Does not need to be digested. mainlines directly into the bloodstream. Measurable in 30 minutes with 99% utilization. Created by a cattle breeder to save needy baby animals. All natural.
    Poultry instructions: Give the baby chick one drop only by mouth. Repeat as needed every 8-10 hours until perky. See dosage chart at :
    My solution looks like very weak tea.
    You can also use the Goat Formula on chickens. Just make sure you use the poultry instructions. I raised 42 Light Sussex chicks on the Goat Formula last season using the Poultry instructions. No sickness, no death, jus robust chicks. Hurry now, this little one is fast approaching the tipping point.
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