Limp Hen

Kuntry Klucker

12 Years
Jun 9, 2010
Tennesee Smoky Mts.
Hi All,

I am hoping that someone can give me some direction in our current situation.

I have a BO hen 4 years old who is limping and not looking good at all.


- I had a bad infestation of mites this spring. I have clean the coop and done all the necessary things
to control the situation, we are not mite free as much as I can tell.

-Prior to this, she was covered in mites, she actually had the worst case of all the hens.

- She is isolated in a hospital pen. Getting fresh water, feed, eggs and electrolytes daily.

- her comb is folded over and a pink color, it was at one point white. She is getting around some
but for the most part she just sits in her pen.

- she has a pretty significant limp to her walk, she can get around but she is not very efficient.

- she has a desire to fight though, she comes to me the best she can when I go visit her with more
treats and such.

- my question is other than her limp, and physical appearance of not feeling well what could this be?

No coughing, sneezing, or runny discharge from her eyes at all. I cannot diagnose what she has. Any help
would be great.

I have not done a deworming yet. I usually do that in June.
No foot problems, feet look good. No discharge from eyes or nose,
or a cough or sneeze. It is just the strangest thing.

No physical signs of illness, just a limp, like she hurt her leg but does not
snow any signs of being in pain like whimpering or other vocalization or distress.
What do you give them to eat? Excess of protein can cause Gout that could be expressed as movement disability.

wow!! really, I did not know that. They get layer pellets, some scratch, and other occasional treats such as veggies, berries,
and other goodies that I bring out to them. They love yogurt, raising, and oatmeal which I give them several times a week.

I have been giving my limp hen some hard boiled eggs so help her built her body back up. I don't know if that would be considered excess protein or not.

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