Limping chick and scab on beak


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Oct 10, 2015
Hello, I have a 5 week old tophat. It has been limping for about 5 days and now i noticed this scab on the beak getting bigger. At first I thought it Injured its leg from being with the other chicks and I wasn't sure if the scab on the beak was from them starting to peck at it since it has a hard time getting around? I've separated it now from the other chicks. It still gets up to eat and drink. Any ideas on what it may be? Thanks in advance for any info, hoping it's nothing top serious


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Is vet care an option?

Have you noticed if there is any swelling of the joint of her leg(s) or feet?

It's hard to tell if the sore place is inside the nostril too(?), is the inside of the beak clear of mucous, yellow/white patches or canker?

If it's injury, then I would put some betadine on that and see if will begin to heal. It may be something else like a tumor, hard to know.
There has been no mucous or any other patches/canker sores . No noticable swelling of foot or leg
Has the chick been outside in a coop near mosquitoes? I was just wondering if it could be fowl pox. It might also be a peck wound or injury. Sometimes feeders can have sharp edges, and fencing or hardware cloth can damage their beaks if they are running away or into it. Do the others pick on him? If you can get a picture from the front or back of it standing to show the legs clearly, that might be helpful. An injury might be the problem with the legs, but there are some leg bone deformities, other leg issues, and vitamin deficiencies that cause problems walking. If you can use a chick vitamin in the water that has riboflavin (B2) listed on the label, that would be good. Or you can crush 1/4 tablet daily of human vitamin B complex onto some feed to give some extra B’s.

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