limping chicken


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8 Years
Jun 22, 2011
Has anyone heard of a chicken having a stroke? I have avery beautiful EE and one day her tail feathers were to the side and she was limpin to one side. Shes 5 mo old
I have one in the hen-hospital who has a bum leg.She wasnt walking,then she got up,just to show me,and fell back down.She sometimes has her right wing down.

Maybe your hen has a bum leg. She requires rest.
Thanks for the idea, but her tail feathers were to one side also. She is actually doing better not limping as bad and here feathers are pretty straight up. Not quite sure. I,hope ur chicken gets better soon:yiipchick
Yeah, my chicken is getting better.She is up on both feet but still hobbling,but taking her time to heal.She must have had just a bad step down or caught her toe in something.It happens.

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