Limping Duckies...


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9 Years
Jun 2, 2010
Mountain, Ontario
Well...after reading many posts on this website about Niacin deficiencies and other leg issues...I've come the the conclusion that instead of sitting here trying to find a cause for my two gimpy babies, I should try some of this stuff.
While there were many suggestions as to why 2 of 8 of my month old Muscovy ducklings started limping a week ago. I thought at first maybe injury (slipped tendons, bumblefoot, injury, etc.) but after reading about all of these and carefully inspecting my little guys, I simply don't think this is what it is. The suggestion that sounded the most like what may be going on with the little guys is a Niacin Deficiency.
So now I'm off to the pharmacy to grab some Niacin tablets. I will post my results and observations in a few days...hopefully the results may help some other duckie lovers on here.

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