Limping hen! Injury help

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    Jun 5, 2013
    One of our Cochins looks like it took a fall two weeks ago, had bloody feathers due to broken blood feather, we pulled the broken feathers to help healing, and are giving her antibiotic shots from the vet. She won't put pressure on the leg still, and holds it out in front of her. If I put her in my lap on her back, to test her legs, she can kick both, but the non injured foot will curl around my hand, the injured leg will not curl around my hand.

    Wondering if anyone knows what I should do or possibly feel for? I felt both hips and bones on both sides of body for signs of breaks or injury and both sides seem the same, besides a bit of muscle lacking on the injured side.

    We also had our vet give her pain killer shots.
    She couldn't tell what was wrong besides weakness. Nothing caused her to squirm or squawk when pressure is applied so we can't locate an injury site.
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    Well you can always get xrays. If she's injured she should be confined and maybe hung in a sling or with a "cast" on.

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