limping roo, doesnt look like bumble foot.......

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    Apr 17, 2011
    We have a 18 week Dominique Roo named "Husky" (when he was a chick kids said he looked like a siberian husky) he is beautiful:love, we also have 1 other 18 week hen and 22 other 14 week hens, no one else is limping. He still uses his leg. We see very very slow improvement that is only able to be seen every couple of days. I have checked his feet they look completely fine, they look just like everyone else feet. I have felt all along his legs and cant feel anything out of shape, nor does he grimace or yell at me. He was completely fine until we went through the flock 2 weeks ago and trimmed everyone wings, we had a little difficulty catching him so I guess we could have injured him, but dont think we did. We noticed him limping the following day, so the next day we checked him again and he had some swelling. The swelling is gone but he is still limping. He eats fine, doesnt seem to be bothered by the limping, slows him down a little butdoesnt seem to bother him. ....Really it only seems to be bothering us.

    BTW, yes he is still able to get up on his girls......

    So.... since we are knew at this.... is this ok? do we just watch and wait, how long is too long to wait? my husband say he is injured "put him in the pot" I and the kids are devastated that is even a possibility. [​IMG]

    What now?[​IMG]
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    Pulling for you chicken right now.

    We had one of our young chickens start limping about a week and a half a go to the point she fell and could not walk. She has been separated for the most part during this time and is starting to show signs of improving and is starting to get around. I am with you my kids and I said we love her no matter how much work she is. No pot for her...she is still giving us eggs right now so we will cater to her. I am worried however when I leave town for a night and 1/2 how she will do.

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