limping, sad rooster


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7 Years
Jan 2, 2013
Ocala Florida
I have rooster who is limping due to a hurt leg. I believe it all started soon after we got him from the auction. He got into a little fight with our free range rooster through a wire cage door. It was just a scratch on his leg with very little blood and he did not seem to notice it at first. A week or more later he started to limp and I saw his foot was swollen. At this point I used an iodine sollution to clean up his foot and put some dissinfectant on him. I tried this for a couple of days without improvement. So I went on the forum and found injectible antibiotic doses for chickens and researched how to do it. My friend who's a nurse did the first injection to help me and we did 4 more doses of this. I waited a couple more days giving him vitamins and yogurt to see if he improved and he didn't really get better. He was eating well, limping after hens, sleeping on his roost and otherwise acting normal but still had swelling and a limp. I was soaking his foot every other day and putting neosporin and vet wrapping to keep clean. His scab fell of along with the nail on his balance toe during this process. He seemed better at first. A little less limp and jumped up on the fence to crow ect. Then he started getting worse, sleeping on the floor, walking little, not leaving his coop when I opened the door. I tried anti biotics in his water for 10 days. He's the same. I really want to help him. What can I do?

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