LINOLEUM ... glue or nail?


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I've started on a 10x10 coop/run and the floor will be rolled linoleum. I was planning on fastening it with the bottom plates to the studs, but I was wondering if everybody nailed it or glued it. Also, did you let it set in the heat to flatten?

I just did this a few weeks ago in a 10x6 coop I built. I got my linoleum from Lowes, along with glue. Laid down the linoleum first without any glue, and cut it to shape. Then i lifter half of it up, in your case a 5x10 area, and glued it down, then repeated the process on the other half. The instructions on the glue calls for a roller to be used to flatten it out, mmmmmm my roller is a bit on the big side at 600 lbs and 4 feet long lol, so i just did the best i could using my feet. When i was finished i installed ‘base boards’ in the form of 2x4s, and screwed them to the wall, that way the glue hold the linoleum down, and the base board stops the edges from lifting. I also caulked the baseboards to form a seal, Its not perfect, but considering its there to protect the wood only, and covered in wood shaving its fine.
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Thanks, I'll have to check yours out. I was hoping to bypass the glue because this project keeps getting more expensive. This is what it looked like when I rolled it out, but It has flattened a little by the heat of the sun.

This is my first building project and I hope I finish before they start laying
That looks fine. I know what you are saying about expense, I am 60% over my estimate already, and its only 80% finished, shooo don’t tell the bank manager lol.
I think, sorry I am not at home just now, this is what I used from Lowes

You would need 2 of them for 100 square feet, and also

Which is the application trowel. Should run about 10 bucks for all 3 of them.

I don’t want to be telling you what to do, but I would put down the flooring last, so you don’t damage it by dropping wood or tools on it J

Good luck
Quote: $10.00 is not bad, I can handle that. I dropped something on the vinyl this afternoon and was worried about that very thing. My biggest problem with the floor was the OSB wasn't even. It would be a big problem if it were in my house, but with just chickens, I guess it'll be okay. Just another lesson I've learned in my OJT.

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