Liquid running out of chickens beak? Other chickens attacking her.

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    Mar 18, 2011
    We have 1 chicken that is totally terrified to leave the nest box and is immediately attacked by all the other chickens. Today I took her out and held her to try and spray some blue coat on areas on her that looked red or injured. While holding her, a steady stream of slightly tan liquid came out of her mouth. Maybe a teaspoon or tablespoon amount. It happened twice. Now I'm thinking this chicken is sick. If she is, would that cause other chickens to attack her? Is there something I should be giving to her? I'm not calling a vet but if I can pick something up to give to her to help her I will. Otherwise, my only other option is to put her out of her misery.
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    Can you separate her into a cage/dog kennel so you can monitor her?

    Has she been eating/drinking/pooping?
    How does her crop feel - full, empty, soft, hard, squishy, doughy?
    Does her breath smell?
    Is she laying eggs?

    Liquid running out of her beak sounds like it could be a crop issue.

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