List of careers...

This probably isn't all of them but careers involving chickens would include:

* The following could be either in management or as some type of worker.
Chicken (or poultry) Hatchery
Egg Farm
Laying House
Broiler Farm
Feed Store

* Other careers involving chickens include:
Chicken breeder (APA standards)
Poultry Judge
Farm Veterinarian
Chick Sexer
Chicken Products Designer

* Careers that do not necessarily involve chickens, but could involve chickens include:
Performing Animal Trainer
Animal Control
Animal Research Scientist
There are lots of jobs in the poultry industry right now! Commercial poultry is booming, and is only expected to increase over time. A masters, pHd or DVM degree will get a person a pretty good job working quite exclusively with chickens!

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