Listless Rooster

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Jun 15, 2016
Good morning everyone. We woke up to the sounds of clucking this morning and we knew something was up. The girls are normally quiet, our rooster is usually the one making all the noise. Anyways, when we went out to investigate, we didn't make it much past the door before noticing the rooster laying in the grass. He is very listless and my boyfriend said he's pretty sure he saw lice coming out of his ear. We haven't been able to find anymore on any of the other birds. We are new to raising chickens and roosters and have no idea what to do. He's in the coop again and when I last checked on him, he was facing the wall and his feathers are down. I wanna help our boy but have absolutely no idea what is going on or what to do. Has anyone seen their rooster like this before and do we need to call a vet?
Go to the vet. If you need help finding a good, and relatively inexpensive vet, just tell me where you live, and I can help you find one.
Thank you so much for responding! We're in Northern Ontario, Canada. Just outside of Trout Creek, in the Nippissing area. Not sure if you can help with us finding one up here but I really appreciate the advice!

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