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    We've had 4 layers for 2 weeks now and I just discovered this site. It is fantastic-as is the book Raising Chickens for Dummies!

    I'm very interested in the litter bedding method for keeping the girls' coop clean. I've gone to the local farm supply store and have only been able to find Cedar and Aspen shavings. Is Pine the only option?

    Another question, we've been letting the girls roam in our yard freely while we're outside in the evening. Around 8:30 pm, they start following us around and inevitably start perching on me or my husband. When one starts, the others follow. [​IMG] Of course, we think it's cool but I'm pretty sure it isn't because we've become endeared to them. Any insight is appreciated.

    Thanks for your help!
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    They roost on you cause it is bed time and they don`t know where to go. You should keep them in the pen for at least a week. After that you can let them roam and they should go back to the coop at night. The pine shaving you should be able to get at Tractor Supply,Agway, or even Walmart. Aspen is Ok to use but it may be pricey. Also Look up Deep Litter Method and DE( Fossil Flour-I can`t spell what DE is)On this site. It will help with keeping your girls happy!
    OH Welcome!!!![​IMG]
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