Little Bantie hen setting, but no eggs ...


8 Years
Jul 5, 2011
I'm gathering our eggs as soon as they are laid, but one of our little Bantie hens insists on "setting" although I take the eggs from her every day. She has stopped laying ... I suppose because she is setting, right? She stays inside the house in the same spot, just as if she is setting. Our Rhode Island Red lays an egg right beside her every day, and even though I remove it, she seems to think she is setting on eggs. She does come out -- briefly -- to eat, drink, and take a quick dust bath, but then back to the nest. Will she finally give up and stop this? I really feel for her, poor thing.
Thanks for your reply! After googling "broody", that's exactly what it sounds like. She seems a bit young (under a year old) to be doing this, but she's a silkie and from what I read, they can be more prone to broodiness. Looks like if we take care of her and make sure she's getting out as often as possible, this will pass. Hope so!

Thanks again.

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