Little Buckie has a broken wing.

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    My almost 4 month old bantam Buckeye was struggling a week ago, not acting normal, favoring her right side. I gave her some Poly-Visol and in the process she fell out of my hand and landed with a thud on her left side on the concrete. I kept her inside for a few days, and monitored her. She began improving and making her normal, happy, very quiet, little peeping sounds again. I put her back outside in an "isolation ward" and took her out this am to examine her. She has a definite frozen or broken wing. When I tried to pull it out she cried out in pain! The bone does not feel right.
    Now, I have the issue of culling her, which would be very difficult to do, attempting to remove the wing if I can find info on how to do that, or leaving her alone and see if she can compete and do fine with a permanently broken wing.
    And, no, there are no avian vets in the area.
    I know now, why she fell so hard, she could not move her wing to fly. She must have broken it during some rough play with her fellow pen mates.
    If anyone has experience they can lend, I would be grateful.
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    How is she doing? I would keep her alone or with one friend for a bit longer - maybe even 2 weeks to let whatever broke try to heal. I would not cull her over the wing - unless she is in cronic pain after it is healed. But I have no experience with broken wings. Could it be dislocated?

    [​IMG] for you and her.
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    If Been Meaning to send this over to yo Via Pm. I found this on a veteranary Website.
    Heres the link they recommended :

    heres what they said:
    Sorry it has taken me so long to answer.

    Wrapping is to support the broken wing so having the wing hang down will not will not pull the fracture apart. If possible, have a veterinarian do this. Wrapping the wing to the body will help but wrap loosely to avoid causing respiratory compromise is imperative. If wrapping covers wounds to male them inaccessable for treatment, this will not work. If the bone is broken near the end of the wing wrapping the wing it self may suffice.

    Read more:
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    Sadly when I first moved my chicks to their coop in the barn, a preditor dug under the wall and reeked havok on my poor defensless babies. Whatever it was killed 3 and severly wounded a forth, a hen named Ruby. My husband immediately wanted to put her out of her misery, but being a vet tech I wanted to see if I could save her. I moved her inside and surprisingly she made it through the shock. Her wing was badly damaged so I took her to the vet that I work for and he told me to give her antibiotics because it was an open fracture, but other than that just leave it alone. So we kept her in isolation and even went and got 3 baby chicks to put in with her (she was about 10weeks old) to keep her company. At first she wanted nothing to do with them, but eventually I would go to feed her and the little chicks would be sitting on her back. Eventually they all moved back to the coop and she remained very close to her new buddies who would protect her when the other hens were being too mean. I am happy to tell you that she is doing well a whole year later. Hope your hen feels better soon!
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    To those of you that posted, thank you. It's been busy around here so am slow at responding.
    Had to cull Buckie. I did a close exam of her and she was riddled with mites that came back on some of my birds from a show. She was so bad with them her eyes were sunk in. With the broken wing, she could not groom herself properly and was a sad, miserable mess.
    Even though the birds were not incontact with each other, the mites still spread. I have had to clean and disinfect all my pens and dip all the birds to ensure they would neither keep nor transmit them.
    It seems such a waste because someone did not properly address show etiqutte, I was forced to lose a bird and go to unecessary measures to keep my flock safe from an unwelcome threat broken wing or not. Had she not been infested, she could have had a chance.

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