Little Leo is hurt

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    I haven't been on here in ages. I miss you guys. With my new job, I have no internet time. I have to post now. Other people just don't understand how important pets are. My little Lhasa Apso, Leo, ruptured both ACL's in his back legs on December 22nd. On Dec 23rd he had the first of two surgeries. His right leg is in a cast, and his left leg is like a wet noodle. The best case scenario is that the right leg will be strong enough in 2 weeks to do the surgery on the left leg. It's more likely to be 6 - 8 weeks though. Then he will still need help getting around for 6 - 8 weeks after that. we have to carry him outside and help him stand to go potty. He is in good spirits despite the ordeal.

    In September we adopted a Crested Chinese Powderpuff from a rescue. She is pretty upset oover Leo being sick. At Christmas she spent all of her time guarding him from the three harmless little dogs that were visiting. She was frantic when he was in the hospital. Last winter she was left ouside to freeze and fend for herself with 2 other dogs. The other 2 dogs died, and she was found almost dead. So, I guess she understands and fears the loss of a companion. The owner was forced to surrender her to a rescue. She spent the spring recovering and the summer n a foster home. Then we got her.

    Thank God Leo has health insurance. It reminds me of the credit card commercials.

    Buying a dog- $400
    ACL surgeries for both legs - $2200.00
    Knowing that the insurance company will pay 90% of it - priceless!

    I have been lax in getting the new dog insurance. After this incident, she will be signed up right away.

    Please keep Leo in your thoughts and prayers for a good recovery.

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    Good to see you again!
    Keeping your pups in my prayers...................

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