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    Jul 12, 2009
    I had a great deal of tragedy with my first foray into hatching Pekin duck eggs this year (1 duckling out of 14 fertile eggs), and I almost quit. However, after a really good hatch of Buff Orpingtons, I decided to give it another shot and popped a few eggs into my shiny, souped-up Grumbach. I figured I'd have better luck with this equipment over the still-air set-up, and if these didn't hatch out, then I would know finally and for good that my Pekin trio were related, or suffering from some genetic problems that were the root of the dismal hatch rates I'd been getting.

    Here is my real first success the second time around ...


    Here's where it gets a little interesting, to say the least ...


    It would seem that not only has Pekin Drake been jumping the fence, Ms. Muscovy has been cuckoo'ing her eggs under the Pekin hen.


    My only hope is that I didn't throw any hinny eggs out that may have hatched if left to their own devices.
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    Yippee, they're so cute! I just had my 1st duckling hatch :)
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    Gratz on your cute gosling and duckling! [​IMG]

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