Live by Shale Mining?

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    Aug 12, 2009
    Anyone live by shale mining? It is going to happen big time around us soon.Just wonder what the effects will be. All they talk about right now is the money,and the benefits to the local economy.

    All I know is we had multiple earthquakes.One rattled the house big time back in January,and they said it was caused by fracking aka shale mining. Now they are going to do MORE drilling and fracking.They won't stop fracking,but said they would *watch* the effects more closely.

    Will the mining increase dust/pollution in the air? Will water get polluted? What has been your experience as a result of nearby shale mining? I ordered the movie GASLAND from the library.Turns out it is a docu about shale mining and the effects it had on people.
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    I'm in NC and they are talking about starting it here. Actually it would be in a county close to mine. I will not live anywhere near where they are doing fracking. We are actually talking about putting our house up for sale soon. The fracking has not been approved here yet though. You can find way to many stories where there are a lot of questions regarding this practice. I do not feel the risks are equal to the benefits. You will find when you do your research that there are a lot of known carcinogens used in the liquids used in the fracking process. My biggest concern is the instances of ground water contamination that happen and how companies consistanly deny that fracking caused it. I believe you should do as much research as possible and then come to a decision that you feel comfortable with. I wish you luck in this endeavor. [​IMG]
  3. This interesting because I live in Texas. You might say we're the guinea pig for the extraction of oil and gas for the rest of the U.S.A. . In the last two years most companies have switched plant based solvents.The plant based solvents have a cheaper replacement cost also. As for contamination of ground water, that's a big issue here. After last year's drought it's become a huge issue and another reason for the switch. As for the earthquake the east coast had I suspect that had more to do with rain from last year's hurricane than fracking. That was an enormous amount of rain. Anyway as long as energy cost continue to climb the drive to get more will continue to climb also.
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    Saw something on the TV about water out of the tap catching fire. Residents said it all started after fracking. Sorry, can't remember the program name. Might have been a fox 4 local Dallas news channel report???

  5. Could be hydrogen sulfide in the water, it gives water a rotten egg smell and it's fairly common around here. Fill a milk jug with water with it in it within a half inch from the top, put the cap on and wait five minutes. The H2S will come to the top and you can light it up.
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    Aug 12, 2009
    Thanks for the replies.The earthquakes are from waste water injection from the mining.Lots in the news about it,but making money makes people forget the negative.Shame.Got the Gasland movie.Poor people,animals,and land.
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    Mussolini said "paper never refuses ink." Don't believe those lies you see on television. It is just more propaganda from the leftist media.

    The problem with water catching fire is caused by shallow gas. That condition was already pre existing in the soil. It is what they used to call swamp gas or the willo wisp.

    Hydraulic fracturing takes place well below the level of the aquifer. Around our ranch, they are working between 12,000 to 22,000 foot down.

    As to the question of earthquakes, if you check the geological history of an area, you will probably find that earthquakes have occurred in the past, even before they started drilling in the area.

    Don't be deceived by the masters of the big lie.


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