Living With a Sick Duck IN OUR HOUSE!

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    So we have this buff duck, Luna, who's been acting pretty strange lately- she hasn't been moving too much, or laying eggs. We thought she was egg bound, so we posted a thread in the emergencies area- but it turned out she was not. So a few days later, when she's still acting strange, but worse- she's shivering and panting!- we take her to the vet. Under examination, the vets discover that her temperature was too hot for the thermometer to read. That would put her at at LEAST 107 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They took an X-RAY but there was no stuck/broken egg- that would have been reeeeeeeeeaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyy bad- so they pretty much figured a bacterial infection and they have her two shots and "fluids" to start fighting it and bring her fever down. She started improving, then we brought a big wire dog kennel into the house and put it in our middle bathroom, and filled it with pine shavings, and gave her a food and water dish. She improved a lot, and she's doing so much better today!!!! Her treatment for the next five days is bath time three times a day, and two shots a day. The temperature of our house also shall bend to the will of the sick duck!!!!! She's been in our house for one night so far. Oh, and we're pretty much going to be checking on her 687 times a day. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Hahaha!!! I'm glad you found out what was wrong with her, and I'm sure she doesn't mind at all the conveniences you are providing her with!! That's awesome, thanks for the cute story. That brightened my morning. [​IMG]
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    I hope your duck makes a full recovery, thanks to excellent nursing she is getting inside and the helpful vet.
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    Thank you, Laceynoelle and Scratch 'N' Peck!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A little while ago we gave her her shot o' day one, and she perked up some more from her already improving state :) and she started to munch on her duck food.... also, whenever we get a little too close, she whips around and hisses like a stinking Ringwraith.....

    Also, I have a question, a 107 fever isn't actually that dreadful for a duck, is it, since their "normal" is pretty high? I mean, it could have been higher, because it was at a point the thermometer couldn't read, but still......
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    Aaaand, night two of a Duck in the house!!!!!! She's still improving, and enjoying the peas in her water. She's not too sure yet about the eggs we gave her though.....[​IMG] Through this little fiasco, she's been very.... "EW! MAZURI!!!!!!!" And "YAY!!!! GREENS!!!!!!!"
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    She is officially loving the lettuce and despising pretty much everything else...... [​IMG]

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