Lixit water bottles for rabbits

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    May 6, 2011
    I noticed the last few days that my Dutch Domino had not been eating as well and he's been switched over to a Lixit water bottle with the little stem valve instead of his normal ball water valve. Well I checked him and he seems to have lost a bit of condition and hasn't been making his normal amount of compost contributions so I checked his teeth. I knew he liked to pull at his water bottle stem and he pulled on it so much in fact he pulled his bottom teeth clear out past his top teeth. The poor little guy I wrapped him up in a towel last night and braved trimming his teeth myself. Oh I've seen it done and have been walked through step by step of how to do it from another breeder but I was still scared of his teeth splitting. Had my fiancee help hold him at first but then had light issues so I had him corral the kiddo and I faced him with the trimmers alone.

    Today he's hopping around and is eating and has more energy than I've seen since he switched bottles. Also I pulled the rest of the Lixit bottles from my rabbits cages. Already had one rabbit lost beccause he refused to drink out of it and now this with my fav buck. Will not buy those again even though they are alot easier to clean and fill they are not worth the hassle to my rabbits. And I have to say awesome job to anyone whose rabbits drink out of them with no problems I will just not be using this brand again for water bottles. Love the design for ease of use but also don't like the valve design for the rabbits.

    Anyone else had issues or good experiences with the Lixit valves? Since I know there are always two sides to every story I'd like to get opinions on good results as well as any other issues that fellow bunny lovers have seen.
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    Apr 18, 2011
    I would say just give her a bowl of water so she will drink because if shes not hydrated she will die i have learned that the hard way.

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