Lockdown Question


11 Years
Jun 9, 2008
I have a little giant incubator from tractor supply with an auto turner and on day 18 when I take out the incubator, should I put the eggs in a carton so there still upright like they were in the auto turner or lay them on their side in the bottom??? Didn't know if they were forming a certain way and preparing to hatch upright and by laying on their sides would mess them up? Thanks so much!
You can do it either way. I like to hatch in cartons (I cut them down for good air flow and so I can tell if anybody pips low) because it minimizes the "early birds" playing egg soccer with the late comers. I also like to put a square of rubber shelf liner (the kind that has holes) down over the wire--it gives them good footing and between the cartons and liner cleanup is super easy. Happy hatching!!

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