Lone chick or something wrong??


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8 Years
Feb 12, 2011
Just brought home my 5 new babies, a few days old (not mail order--local pet store who gets from breeder about an hour away) The one black silkie seems perfectly healthy but is always by herself while the 4 others huddle together. Not sure if this is normal or if she's being excluded from the group--when everyone is up and moving she's part of the gang but tends to stay separate when things settle down. I haven't witnessed any bullying or purposeful exclusion on the groups' part, she just seems to keep her distance. Could this mean she's sick and wants to stay away?

Probably an overly cautious Mom but would rather be safe than sorry and everyone here is always so helpful with advice. Thanks in advance!
I would just watch to make sure that when she is in the "group" they are not pecking her beak or head.

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