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I incubated 6 melanistic eggs and only had one hatch... I was planning on raising and releasing them... but wonder if there will be problems with raising just a single chick... do they need other companions and if so would raising them with other fowl be an option. It's a few days old now, and will allow me to pick it up, stroke it's little head and it closes it eyes and relaxes... I read they don't make great pets... so suggestions on rearing this one would be appreciated.

I am in the same boat. I rescued 6 eggs that a chukar was brooding on then abandoned! By the time i moved them into an incubator they had been left alone for 4 days. I put them in the incubator and 9 days later one hatched but unfortanatly he died trying to pip out. And upon closer inspection he was deformed one of his legs was a lil stump ...poor guy. But another one a day later zipped and came out alive and kicking. He is now 2 days old. i moved him into his warming box and doing great but I think probably lonely. I cant seem to find just a few chukar chicks anywhere. All orders have a min of 50! My goodness I dont want all that lol! I have even contemplated getting a chicken chick but I dont know if they would be compatible. O wish you goodluck in your lil guy hope you can find him a buddy. I was told to put a stuffed animal in with mine. He can snuggle up to it at least!
If you are in the hampton roads / tidewater area of Va I have a few for sale but I do not ship especially just a few chicks I have hand raised a chick are 2 they turn out to be the ones with the most personality good luck with a single chick I tend to keep them just a tad warmer then when they are in a group
Unfortanatly I am all the way over in California. Red Bluff to be specifici(about 2 hours from Sacramento) I completely understand about shipping just a few chicks its not a good Idea. Your already putting them under enough stress putting them in a box and they need to stay warm! I was hoping to get lucky and get some from a few places around here but they are all older like 4 weeks or 6 weeks! Wayyyyyy to big for my 2 day old lol! I found a place that will ship 50. I put an ad up and have had a few people respond about wanting some around here so I am hoping we can work it out. I only want a few cuz i only have a small area for them then I plan on free ranging them. I dont want anything penned up forever. Thank you so much for the offer though! Maybe you can answer me a question ? When do you introduce grit with a chick? and can they have anything else besides game bird started food like treats and stuff?
SOME OF THE READING I HAVE DONE SAYS FOLKS IN INDIA KEEP CHUKARS AS HOUSE PETS AND KINA FREE RANGE THEM. I would kina be hesitant to free range them a lot where you are the air port in red bluff is one place coyote love to hang at because there is not much human activity out at the edge of the airport, the river that runs through town is a predator buffet on each side of a water course there will be 1-3 trails made by critters hunting the biggest critters will be up high the smallest right at the waters edge. the interstate that runs through town is a place yotes will hunt as well . my birds I only give them grit every now and then they are usually 2 months old when I start no reason I have just done it like that for a while I use meal worms as treats but 6-8 weeks old so they do not confuse toes for meal worms other treats like lettuce or dandelion greens or grapes or apples I start them fairly early the GBS i feed them I kina grind it a little but most have been doing OK with it as it comes out of the bag
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