Lone duckling do I need another?


10 Years
Apr 3, 2009
I recentely ordered chicks and 2 ducklings from IDEAL, They came this morning and all the chicks were fine, but one of the ducklings was smashed in transport,Do I need to get another one, and how because I don't want to order more chicks. I originally got 2 so it would have a friend and now I don't know what to do.
Call ideal for a replacement or a refund. If you get a refund, use that money to buy a duckling from a feed store or craigslist seller. Ducks are flock animals and need a buddy. Chickens are good to a point...until it decides to go swimming and its chick buddy follows
Well, that duck died too so I guess I will wait a little while before I try ducks again
Well they came so late(day 4 of shipment) and 2 chicks in my order have died since then too. I am defintely emailing IDEAL for my money back...the packing peanuts are the healthiest out of the lot

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