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Apr 7, 2010
i had 2 male runners (brothers) that spent all the time in the world together, until one got sick and died
then i bought the survivor a girlfriend..sadly after just 2 weeks she wandered off and was never seen from again.....

now the lone survivor spends his days sitting around looking....well...lonely! we have 30+ scovies but yeah, he wants nothing to do with them..and i cant find ANY runners in this area within my price range. i have however found mallards and rouens, do you think he'd get on with a girly from those breeds....or does he need another runner?
Aaaawwwww! Thats sooo sad im sorry. I had a female runner that didnt want anything to do with my other ducks sooo she spent her days outside by herself. But then died from a dog attack, she was my baby. I dont know if that helps but you will get a bump at the leased.
I would say, find a runner. Better yet, find 2 or 3. I am sure there are people that would like to re-home their ducks. Easter ducklings are big responsibilities now. Why not put out a want ad?
I might try mallards, if that's what's available. Perhaps you can have a pea party, invite the new mallards, and see if the runner guy doesn't warm up to them.
poor Runner!! I have 5 Runner girls for my black Runner drake but he's also in love with one of my Cayuga girls. She has always hung out with the Runners but when I put her in the breeding yard with the rest of the Cayuga's this spring my Runner drake spent hours just hanging out near the fence so he could be next to her. I was so sad to see them both snuggled up on either side of the netting! He eventually moved on to hang out with his Runner ladies but when I released all my ducks from their breeding yards last month that Cayuga girl headed straight for her Runner man and they've all been one happy flock ever since.

Your boy may warm up to another breed quite easily. Ideally you'd get him another Runner but if you get him a friend until you can find another Runner he'd be a lot happier.

Wish you were closer, I have a few Runner girls for sale...
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