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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Chickenfeeder22, May 13, 2018.

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    Mar 24, 2018
    Hey guys,
    So I need some advice and I feel like this is really the best place to get it. I have a rouen duckling who's about 10 weeks now. I'm pretty sure he had splay leg when he was younger and it went untreated for about 4 weeks (I looked everywhere but didn't find out about splay leg until it was too late). Anyways, for a while I was debating to cull him or not. I finally decided other than not being able to walk properly he has such a zest for life. He's not on the verge of dying, he eats and drinks, and loves playtime in my bathtub.
    The biggest problem I have right now is his loneliness. Because he can't walk we separated him from the other ducklings we got and he lives in a box with shavings in my room. I get the feeling he's extremely lonely. I work all day so from early morning until late afternoon he's virtually alone. I leave the TV or radio on, but that's not the same. My question is: does anyone have any suggestions on possible companions for him? I'm thinking of something on the smaller side since 1) he is pretty small for his age and 2) so the other animal won't get too big and start bullying him. Really anything would help!! If you have tips or ideas on his boredom/loneliness please let me know!!
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    A mirror could help.
    What breed? What is the duckling eating? Are you supplementing with any extra niacin?
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    Rouens get pretty heavy so not being able to walk is going to be a problem. Have you tried to hobble even now he is older it still may help some. At least to learn to keep his legs in proper position.

    a unbreakable mirror in his box with a stuffed animal can help a little but best of all would be his very own pen where he can see the other ducks and they can come and visit. It won't be the same as being able to be out with them but he could have company. Make his pen where part is covered so he can be outside during the day with his flock and then you can bring him inside at night to sleep and play in the tub.

    Are you or have you been using niacin as supplement? B Complex is another alternative also.
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