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    Aug 26, 2009
    Hello, I was recently at the local fair grounds and one of the chicken exhibits contained a very pretty, small gray-colored hen that had these strange long, thin legs. The bird was of a smaller breed. I think I'd like to get a few for my current little flock, but I don't know where to begin. Any suggestions of breeds that are small with funny little long legs? Thanks!
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    I also was thinking Modern Games, due to the grey, Self Blue Coloring and LONG skinny legs. Lots of people have them and show them at fairs. They are very pretty birds.
  4. I have a Modern Game Bantam right now and the legs are VERY LONG on her. The stance of the breed is one that walks tall also which enhances their height. So funny for such a small chicken. Ours is SUPER friendly all the time. She thinks we are chickens also and wants to be around us all the time. I believe the Moderns came from Canada.
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    Quote:Modern Game Bantams were first bred in England after cock fighting was outlawed. They are pretty much a breed that is just for show and to be pets. I let mine free range and it's a blast to watch them zoom across the yard on their long, skinny legs. They look like little Roadrunners.
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    Here is a Black Breasted Red Hen at 5 years o;d:


    They are very very people friendly chickens. I just love them. This little stinker in the picture has taken to lurking around the front porch area for the last 2 hours of daylight and then begging to get let in. [​IMG] She wants to go to bed. For the last few days she has gotten her way so now I am in trouble.
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