Long Time Owner/ First time hatching!


Jul 17, 2019
S. Fla
Hello my fellow chicken folk,
I have had pet chickens for years , but am new to hatching.
I jumped at the chance to incubate some eggs along with other teachers at my school.
I have two eggs and we are on day 21 ,One egg is making small movements and we can hear small peeps, no pipping as of yet.
My question would be, can I take them home(unplug incubator) to watch (video) them while they hatch at my home this weekend?
Thank you,
It would be best not to move the eggs at this late stage of incubation as they have probably already positioned themselves for hatch.

If you must, you would have to ensure that the eggs don't move from their positions, and the incubator isn't unplugged long.

How long is the drive?
My home is 30 minutes away, and I understand that they can be in the incubator for 72 hours, as they have absorbed the yolk and don't need to eat. I guess I'm concerned that they will become dehydrated if they hatch today.
Are they in egg turners (I'll assume no at this stage of incubation) or is there anything you can use to support the eggs during the drive so that they *do not move out of their hatching position?
Yes they are in the Brinsair Mini, automatic turning, but turned off the turner part yesterday. I decided to leave them, but myself and two other staff members will go to check in on them Saturday and Sunday.
Thank you so much for your information. This side of chickening is new to me... I love it though ,and look forward to incubating and hatching my own eggs some day.

My students, 75 fifth graders have enjoyed this experience as well. Everyday we watch this cool video , showing the growth day to day.
Again thank you đź’•

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