Longest I should wait for button quail?


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Jul 28, 2021
Approaching day 20 (today) of my eggs. 4 hatched so far. What’s the longest I should wait for the rest? 21 days? 22?
If they were all set on the same day, there is no reason to continue incubation. Buttons usually hatch in 16 to 17 days, occasionally a straggler will hatch on day 18. If they haven't hatched by day 20, they probably won't hatch, even with temperatures being below optimum, they will usually only be 2 days over due.

Do you have an independent thermometer(s) that are calibrated and accurate. Most cheap incubators and some of the high end incubators built-in sensors are highly inaccurate and unreliable. A calibrated hygrometer(s) are also highly recommended, so you'll know with a much better certainty of the %Rh in the incubator during the incubation process.

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