Longtime Envious Lurker here.


9 Years
Feb 23, 2010
Hello! I'm serious, I've lurked these boards for a long time, like at least a year? It all started when I found the blog of some urban farmer-types. They've shared some pretty awesome stuff with the internet, but reason I'm here is that they introduced me to the idea of backyard ducks. Chickens, too, but I'm afraid of their pointy beaks. I know it's silly, nothing personal to all the chicken lovers. Wouldn't have all these great boards without you!
So anyhoo it had never really occurred to me that you could get duck eggs like chicken eggs and use them in the same way. it was a perfect solution to my cage-free egg dilemma! (Don't like factory farms and weird additives; don't like paying high prices for natural eggs, too intimidated by chickens to think I should raise them.) A pet that saves you money on groceries while being cute?! Brilliant!
So I've been researching the keeping of small at-home flocks for a while now. Read Storey's guide, need to order my own copy soon. At first I wanted Scovies for their odd yet oddly endearing looks, and the friendliness they'd shown when I visited a farm...but they barely produce eggs. I knew Khaki Campbells were great, and they were cute...but then I discovered RUNNERS!
OMG, I love runners so much. I get really excited when I spot them. I love that I can identify them now.
So, I am finally about to get my first ducks. My husband's job is taking us from the Pacific Northwest to South Carolina in a couple of months; once we're settled, I'll be able to order some day-olds. As I'm finalizing my plans (and running around like crazy getting ready for the move) I'm sure I'll be here asking plenty of questions! Looking forward to meeting you all!
from Ohio. I think you will like it here. There are a lot of great folks here ready to help.
rom Texas

Ducks sound fun, and day olds ducklings sound so cute!! I bet that will be fun!

Now about the sharp beeks, my daughter 19 months old now holds food in her hand and gets pecked accidentally and it doesn't hurt. Also hens are not agressive.
I know they're not actually that bad...it's one of those weird irrational things. Better than fish, though. Would def. take confronting a chicken over confronting a fish any day.

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