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I am a longtime lurker on this site and you guys helped me take the plunge into the abyss of chickendom. My daughter and I thank you for that, but my husband does not. LOL!
I have wanted chickens for almost two years and we finally bought some adult chickens (BO rooster, BO hen, White Leghorn hen, mystery red hen) about 7 weeks ago. We liked them so much we picked up two chicks yesterday and are keeping them in quarantine until 4-6 weeks have passed. I really want two more layers since one of the hens in the first round turned out to be a rooster. The guy we bought the chicks from said they were around 7 weeks and, as far as he could tell:rolleyes:, were pullets. One is a Barred Rock and the other is a Black Astralorp (sp?)

My questions are: Is the age about correct? Each wire panel is 14"x14" for perspective. Also, do they look like pullets to you? I have been reading about the barred rocks and the dark coloring leads me to believe it is, in fact, a she. But...the fronts of the legs aren't dark. What about the comb and wattles? They seem kind of girly to me, but all I know is what I read. I have no experience to go by.

Thank you in advance...I can't wait to get to know all of you!




They look like pullets to me, and the age seems about right too. If anything, they might be a week or two older.
Thank you for your responses. They seem girly to me too, but then again, I was sure I had a beautiful giant BO hen on my hands...
right up until "she" started crowing!

We are heading out for lunch, but I can't wait to see any other opinions when I get back.
I agree, they look like pullets.
Have fun with them!

Welcome to the addicting chicken world! You're going to love it here at BYC!

I agree that they look like pullets. They also look to be 2-3 months old. The Barred one looks more like a Cuckoo, but could feather out better after her first molt.

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