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May 27, 2010
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It has been such a long day that I cancelled all of my evening plans so I could lay down for a minute or two, lol.

Abner and Darby have arrived! They are so stressed out and terrified of us. Elvis did not take their arrival very well either. I think he sees them as a threat to the flock.
oh elvis.

Anyway they won't let us anywhere neAr them. They are in a very small pen right now though so I will work with them daily. Abner let me give him a little chin scratch but that was it. Darby has not been weened so I am relying on abner to teach her the ropes of eating.

I couldn't get any good pictures of them but here's some of them on the drive home and then one of them hiding in the goat house.

Darby is in front. She's actually smaller than abner but for some reason inthe photos she looks bigger. I love her chocolate coloring.

They are so small. I wasn't expecting them to be this tiny. This is elvis's dog crate. It's a regular large size and they barely come up past the halfway mark when they stand. I could have fit five of them in there.




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AHHHHH! Darn you!! haha Thats my jealosy talking! They are soooo cute! Can't wait to get out of this hellhole of a neighborhood and get me some goats!! What are your plans for them? Pets, milk?
Pets AND milk

We are in total suburbia but have heavenly neighbors. They support our dream of having a suburban backyard farm and love the idea o letting their kids come over to the "petting zoo" lol. I am excited to work with them and get them to like me
Mine used to too
Till I opened my big mouth and offended one and I got a notice to comply in the mail!! arrrr! I have been chickenless for 2 months now!! Needless to say the house is going on the market
Good for you. You have to get cheese making supplys!!!
They are adorable.
We have the same kind of great neighbors
Would love to have some of those, but now we know we will be moving in 4 years, so I don't want to add anything we can't take with us.
Enjoy your babies!

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