Look what I just won on Ebay!!!


Dances with Chickens
10 Years
Mar 3, 2009
Lakeport, Ca.

won 12+ (any extras the girls lay)

Included will be 6 - COCHIN bantam eggs (at least 3 will be frizzled), 3 - bantam POLISH eggs (some may be frizzled), 3 - white SILKIE bantam eggs

+ extras

Cochin bantams: at least half the cochin eggs I send will be frizzled (carry the frizzle gene). The colors I have are red, buff, black, white, and birchen. My frizzles, and birchens took first place in the county fair.
Polish bantams: I have cuckoo, black crested white, and white crested black and white crested blue. I can't tell who is laying which eggs so some polish may be frizzled. Each of these placed first in the county fair last year too.
White Silkie Bantam: All will be white of course, with the blue skin and 5 toes. Gentle and beautiful. Excellent brooder hens that will even set eggs other than her own."

I thought it sounded like a really fun mixture. Plus I've really been wanting to hatch some crested babies, so I'm super excited about the black crested white, and white crested black and white crested blue polishes! YAY!

The Eggies have a long way to travel, so wish me luck!

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