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  1. I have some chicks coming on may 7. I went to the feed store and could not resist, i bought these 4 chicks. The clerk thought about 3-4 weeks but not sure. They were the last standards left other than the california white leghorns. The lady did not know what kind they were possibly americaunas or rhode island reds. The black one she thought was a barred rock. They had straightrun only so i think i did get one rooster, who knows maybe more. They are pretty calm except for this one, when picked up he screams and and his leg rolls in a fist. So any help is appreciated on breeds and sex. I'm sorry the pics are big, i tried to downsize them but did not work.

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    You got an Easter Egger, Rhode Island Reds and a Barred Plymouth Rock in there. At least one of the RIR's is a rooster, in my opinion.
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  3. Thanks speckled hen,
    They are all pretty calm, the americauna(ee) is much meatier than the others but has really warmed up to me. The rir are very flightly, one i pretty sure is a roo not sure about the other one she seems much smaller than the other one. The barred rock is very personable and calm, loves to be picked up and chirps when you walk out of the room. I have 25 pullets(at least that's what i ordered)coming in early may. Dh says if the rir are roo's they can go to stewing pot, but i will either keep him or give him away. Are americaunas and easter eggers the same?
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    the one in the first picture is exactly like the 5 RIRs I just picked up from the feed store the other day. On the other side of the bin were more reddish chicks - they said those were Red-sex factor. Were they wrong? If the chick in the first picture is not a RIR then mine aren't either - they are exactly the same, with the black markings on the head, and the same wing-feathers coming in.

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    I totally agree with speckledhen.

    Easter Eggers and Americauna's are not the same thing. If you buy an "Americauna" or "Arucauna" at a feed store or hatchery it's almost certainly an Easter Egger. Here's a breed breakdown:

    These rumpless (tail-less) and ear-tufted birds from South America are very hard to find.

    Lays colored eggs and has muffs and a beard, not ear tufts, and comes in standardized color varieties. (Most hatchery "Americauna's" are mixed colors and so are really Easter Eggers)

    Easter Eggers:
    Mixes that carry some of the original genes and lay variously colored eggs: blue, green, or pinkish.

    So you have a very pretty EE pullet and should get some nicely colored eggs when she grows up.[​IMG]

    Hi Eicheluft!
    Red sex-links are usually a lighter buff than RIR and almost never have black feathers. Hatchery RIR's often have some black feathers mixed in.
  6. I really love my lil ones. The ee is really warming up to us, she let you hold her for a lil while lets you know when she's had enough. The br is very personable and wants to be picked up when you see her. The rir one i believe is definetly a rooster, he's bigger and struts around. His yellow comb is also more pronounced. I'm still trying to decide about the smaller rir, doesnot like to be handled but much more tinier in bones structure. So i'm undecided with that, the feed store said they came in with the same shipment.
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    I think the one that looks like it has some white dots on it is a speckled Sussex.
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    Um, nevermind. This thread is 6yrs old lol
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    Yeah I don't understand why these old threads get resurrected now and then.[​IMG]
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    Well if it wasn't a "What breed are these?" Or had updates, its be okay, but I'm sure they figured out what they had/have by now lol!

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