Look What I'm pulling out tomorrow...

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  1. its a huge azalea bush, just ready to bloom.


    HOping to transplant it or at least give it a shot in the front yard. I dont have a contained run yet - the chickens range in the whole backyard which is fenced, with a dog baby sitter for now. When I am home of course. Don't want to take any chances that they might eat at the azalea especially once it flowers it will seem more appealing I'm afraid. I also have a rhodedendron that is close to the fence where they hang out. Just getting ready to bloom as well.... I will trim that back farther and keep an eye out. But maybe I'll be trying to transplant that too.

    anyone know what this is? it grows on the fence, not honeysuckle, has small white fragrant flowers when in bloom. and if you know offhand if it is toxic.


    oh this too. somekinda evergreen, small roundish oval really leaves


    thats the BOs checkin out the leaf cover soon to be hawk netting.

    Here's the babysitter....border collie bernese mt. dog mix with natural bob tail (pretty neat looking topline when he's standing)

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  2. moms_coop

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    Sep 10, 2008
    Beautiful dog [​IMG]
  3. thank you.

    still has his equipment - just turned two. I was hoping to find a mate for him the big sweetie, just to see if he would father bobtails too.

    I read up on border collies looking for info on bobtails - I found one reference to a "Mcnabb (sp)" that had bobtails and was prone to bark while it herded. Teddy barks.

    He's a wonderful dog, love the mix. Have to get a better pic for you to see him standing.
  4. wundernurse

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    Jan 26, 2009
    cute pics. I wouldn't transplant until fall. They don't do well after setting leaves and flowers if moved. But you are right, those chickies eat everything in their path.

  5. yeah, even with some sort of containment either away from bush or around bush i worry about flowers and leaves blowing....really just thinking of getting it outa there. but thought i would try transplanting...so, in lieu of any creative ideas...
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  6. amarook

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    Mar 4, 2009
    Are you sure the mix is border collie and not australian shep?

    It's a gorgeous dog. I LOVE berners!
  7. pretty sure

    I drove three hours to get him, and found out someone a mile from me was breeding berners...hahah a little difference in price of course

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    W. Harrison, IN
    Vine could be Jasmine. It has small white flowers and is fragrant. Not sure if it's toxic. UPDATE: Did some research on GOOGLE. Your vine does look like Jasmine and it is toxic to chickens.
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  9. wow thanks abunch!

    gonna go investigate

    is there anything in this yard that isn't toxic??? aggghhh

  10. wundernurse

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    Jan 26, 2009
    ]Are you sure the mix is border collie and not australian shep?

    He does look like a black tri aussie. How big is he? Aussie males are around 50 lbs. I have two aussies myself, but they are red and blue merle females. No matter what, he is gorgeous.

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