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Camelot Farms

10 Years
Jun 5, 2009
VA,TN,NC Tri-State area

Today DS and DD came up from feeding our Calls and were all excited that one of our ducks had babies. I knew that just couldnt be because I count our Calls everyday 2 or 3 times a day and no one has been missing.
So I walked out to the pond and sure enough there is a mama duck and her 5 babies. Hmmmm.....

Our neighbor about 1/4 mile down the lane has a small pond. Recently we saw a Mama duck and her 9 babies in there. Over the next 2 weeks, we saw the number of babies drop to 5, along with the level of the pond.
The old gentleman who owns the pond faithfully feeds them every day and I swear that they tell other ducks where the good treats are because he always has new mallards stopping for a visit.

So, the only answer to this mystery is that mama duck walked those poor young'uns all the way up here through an overgrown hay field, past 2 dogs and 4 cats and countless wild predators to the safety of our much bigger, spring fed pond.


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