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    Been looking at incubators reading a lot on here but have a few questions I want a low maintenance easy to use incubator dosnt have to be huge but don't want a tiny one but I also don't want to have to have multiple brooderst set up. I'd also like to be able to use it from bantam eggs up to goose eggs not really sure what I need it's for my daughters 4h birds but would also like to be able to hatch my goose and duck eggs for the pond we have any suggestions I don't want to spend a ton but am not afraid to drop a Lil cash 100 if I have to any suggestions or a good used one? I'm seeing humidity plays a huge role lot of I found to digest
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    Hey! :welcome Consider looking on Incubatorwarehouse.com. They have some great kits, turner rails for large eggs, and much more!
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    Hovabators. The 1583 without the turner runs $122 on Amazon. Holds a steady temp. For about 40$ more you can get the digital version which is the 1588. The 1605N is reliable, but older and still air though you can get the whole kit with the fan to install and turner for about the price of the others. I love my Hovabator.

    Just stay away from the digital Little Giants and the cheap Chinese knockoffs.

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