Looking for a calmer blue egg layer


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May 30, 2014
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We have a flock of 50, With a mix of Delawares, Welsummers, BC Marans, Hollands, and.................Ameraucana's. There's not a single AM with her tail feathers, most look like naked necks at this point, they pile in the nest boxes ( lost two this week to the 100 degree heat plus the nest box piling ), and they are just over all skittish. The rest of the flock, act and look like chickens. The marans are in the same boat, but we have welsummers too with dark eggs, so the Marans are being replaced by them. As much as I wanted to keep our flock all heritage, I need a blue egg layer that is better to deal with.

Any opinions?

I was even wondering if anyone has gone as far as really spending a lot of time with them as chicks, hand feeding them a couple times a day, ect.

Different breed? Anyone have any Cream Legbars?

Thanks in advance!


Mar 25, 2016
Southwest Virginia
My Cream Legbars (and Cream Legbar based Olive Eggers) are crazy as hell. I have an Ameraucana based Olive Egger that isn't much better. These are part of a flock that were interacted with from hatch and for the most part, the rest of the flock (the bulk of which are barred rocks) is calm (except for when the colored egg layers freak out and then subsequently freak them out). All of the others can be handled with little problem - approach looking for treats, etc.

My kid wanted a colorful egg basket for we picked up a pair of legbars and a pair of olive eggers just for novelty. They're only a few months old - not laying - so I'll give them some time to calm down. If they don't, I'll put get a clutch of eggs with my barred rock bantam rooster over them to hatch out some Easter egger mutts, and sell them to someone just wanting the colored eggs...

If you don't care about heritage and just looking to add to your egg basket or to work towards a colored egg hybrid project - I'd grab some Easter Eggers (locally if possible) - I've had a few flocks of them in the past and they're generally more docile in my experiences...

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