Looking for advice for blind chicken

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    Apr 5, 2013
    Two days ago I picked up a pullet that the owner believed had bad eyesight, but some sight none the less. She figured having her in a large group was too much competition. She's about 3 1/2 months. Thinking she could kind of see I made the four hour round trip to snatch her up...only to realize there is no sight.

    As of right now I had to bring her inside and I've found if I bump dishes to her chest she will start to peck for food and water. Wet food works best. I did take her out for some fresh air today and I honestly am amazed she has lived this long. She doesn't peck at the ground she just kind of walks in circles. After about 30 minutes she did start to walk around a bit, but she never started pecking at the grass. I don't think she's ever felt it before. Hand feeding is a no go. She has zero interest in anything placed directly by her beak so no grass, worms, seeds, etc.

    My plan is to build her a coop inside the coop. I have 13 other chickens and 2 ducks. Most of them were fine with her, but I have a few that picked up on her disability real quick. I figured if I can find a way to protect her, but let her hear other chickens maybe she won't start to feel lonely. As for food and water...maybe I can attach the dishes chest height so they never move?

    I'm looking for any additional advice from anyone who has had or currently has a blind chicken. I know some will say to cull her, but I'm not convinced that there is no chance for a decent life just yet. If it absolutely comes to that then I will cross that bridge when I get there. So, let me know. What do you do? I've had a flock for about four years now and this is a first for me.

    Side note: She's also underweight and covered in mites. I've treated her and her sleeping quarters already and will do so again in a week, maybe two. (uggghhhh I haaaate miiiites)
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    Jul 16, 2015
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    I had a totally blind chicken and culled her because it wasn't going to be a good life. I have a couple of older roosters who are losing their sight but can still get around with a bit of assistance. I would not advise putting a blind chicken with those that can see, it will more than likely end up pecked. You will need to keep it separated and tend to it's needs. Hopefully it learns where the food and water is. It will take some work on your part for sure.
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    Jan 4, 2012
    Make her a house chicken with diapers...?
    One of my roosters went blind....and that's what we did...
    (yes we had a buddy for him ) a nice area to sleep in...
    kept his food and water and treats in same area... so he knew where to find them...
    he did walk around, and learned where everything was, so to say....
    He did great... we talked to him a lot.... and hugged him...
    And I realize a lot of people just don't want to do that...and that's fine...

    we use seven dust for mites....and kills them almost immediately..
    give em a bath...?
  4. BayBay Peepers

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    Apr 5, 2013
    We're not to house chicken yet, but it is a good suggestion. We have a baby that will be arriving soon and I don't think my husband is too keen on having a chicken in the house.

    The mites are being obliterated here with permethrin. We had an infestation here a few years ago and it was the only product that started to work here.

    Anyone successfully have a blind chicken outside??

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