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    an Old incubator that they don't need, don't use or just plain want to get rid of. Working on a strict budget so i cant afford a new one but i am willing to take one that has been successfully used before. Trying to get a small (for now) hatchery started and with all the materials for runs and coops, left me with little to puchase or even make my own. I will be starting with Buff's, RIR's and black and red sexlinks, along with white leghorn hens, just to see what i come up with. I'll go to more "pure" breeds once i get off the ground. If you have one and don't mind parting with it, please let me know. i won't be able to respond to any reply's until monday so i will get to anyone who may respond then. Thank you for looking at this and everybody have a blessed day.
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    Oct 16, 2008
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    there is a little giant for sale w/ egg turner on craigslist for Nashville, TN-- hope that helps

    I would buy it myself but I keep buying eggs- of course if I did then I could hatch more eggs HMMMMMMM:D
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