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    Apr 6, 2014
    Hi, I live in St. Louis, Missouri. I am totally okay with paying for shipping.

    I'm looking for bantam chickens: adult (hen), juvenile (pullet), sexed chick, or eggs of the following breeds/feathering/colors:
    (I have a strong preference towards unique of feathering or colors)
    -bantam frizzled white or birchen cochins (very strong preference for frizzled, but smooth is okay too)
    -frizzled/silkied seramas (I incubated a mixed batch a long time ago and all the ones that made it to lockdown, hatched out smooth)
    -bantam dark brahmas
    -white silkies/sizzles (buff, blue, and partridge are okay too)
    -EE/cream legbar/blue/green layer pullets/hens that are pretty colors (sorry for sounding so shallow x_x)
    -maybe some modern game bantams
    -bantam lavender orpington
    -any quiet/soft/fluffy/pet-quality hen/breed
    -bantam blue polish

    If you have any of the animals/breeds above, please feel free to message me!

    The EE pullet I have is as noisy as a parrot, so I'm looking to selling her away after I get a few new birds (she's almost of laying age). I'm also suspecting that the silkie and cochin I got off of MPC (these are hatchery quality birds, fyi), are cockerels, so I'll be giving them away too. Also for free is one serama cockerel. If I don't give these guys away before they become a problem, I'll be eating them. PM me for more info!

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    Bowdon, GA
    Hi I do have silkie eggs available to ship this week if you are ready. You can click on ad in my signature to see the ad I just updated and posted. Will be shipping what is laid and available. As of yesterday, whites, blacks and buffs are laying! Please message me if you are interested and we'll proceed to get information and help you! Have a blessed day!
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