Looking for Chicken Breeders in Israel


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Apr 18, 2009
Hi, does anyone know any hatcheries in Israel that sell Rode Island Reds or Brahma's. And is there a difference between breeder and hatchery?
I don't know of anything for the Rhode Islands Reds & there are no hatcheries in Israel except for meat chickens & the Leghorns which lay our white supermarket eggs. Any chicken you buy in Israel will be hatchery quality though-I have yet to see a show quality bird from any breeder. I know someone with Brahmas though near Jerusalem if you want to PM me.
Yea i need Brahmas, and RiR's if there are any. Are there any cabinet incubators similar to the GQF or the GQF if it is availble in israel?
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I don't know about incubators personally but check Yad2 for Brahmas-I saw some there the other day. Someone there with chickens should be able to help you with incubators & Rhode Island Reds.
what is yad2? a company? if it is do you know the number for it? and where is it located?
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Here is a link to all the chicken picture adverts right now. You should find some useful things here.
Do you know Hebrew because if you can't read & write it, you will need to bookmark the link I posted & click "חדש" (under the gray area where you specify what you are looking for) each time you look to refresh & get the latest adverts. Left click on a picture to bring up a new window that has the photos, information & the contact number. If you need any more help, just ask.
hmm ok, this seems like a great site, but I cant read Hebrew
. Im guess these are home raised chickens for sale. Well where do i go if i want to buy brahmas, and how much are they on the site?
Go to my 2nd link on post #6 & it will give you all the chickens for sale right now in picture form. Click on the pictures you are interested in to get the information in a different window. Read what I said in post #6 carefully so you can keep using my link & not have to do any of the Hebrew stuff.

You don't have friends who can read Hebrew?
Why are you in Israel if I may ask?
click on לחץ כאן at the top left corner once you are inside one of the adverts. This will give you their phone number. You can see which birds they are selling from the pictures so give the ones you are interested in a call & pray they speak English or get a friend to make the call.
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ok thanks, but do you have any idea where i can go in Jerusalem or telaviv that will lead me to finding chicken breeds and incubators?
No, sorry. Yad2 is your best bet.
I'm importing because I'm unhappy with the quality in Israel. Only bringing silkies though.

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