Looking For Chicken People In Gold Canyon/Apache Junction?

Discussion in 'Where am I? Where are you!' started by ArizonaChirke, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. ArizonaChirke

    ArizonaChirke New Egg

    Apr 2, 2013
    We had many chickens in Chandler, but none since we moved to Pinal County. Coyotes, rattlesnakes, Gila Monsters, hawks, bobcats, etc....How does one cope with chickens in this environment? I really want to have a small troop of girls again.
  2. ducklady1

    ducklady1 New Egg

    Jan 26, 2014
    we live on a county island, east mesa/ apache junction area. a lot of coyotes here and our two hawks can not get into our pen. we do not let the girls out but they have ample room to roam in their pen. plus i keep them busy with "surprises", toys with food, or a bisquet, or grass cuttings. our eight girls are very egg productive so i must be doing something ok.
    we did build a trench and sink the coop into it with cement and it's been tested by the local coyotes but it proofed. :)
    we will be moving shortly and are already designing the new coop. longer, more room to roam.
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