Looking for chickens! (In pa)


6 Years
Apr 15, 2013
Hi guys! I'm new to this site & to the chicken world :) I'm the only one in my family that HASN'T had chickens! We are buying a few silkies for my daughter, but we would like to also get some orpingtons or something that lays bigger eggs. Having trouble finding grown hens for sale- we don't want chicks.. We have a big ornery nosey dog & I'm not sure how he would react to chicks in the house.. Anyone know where I can buy laying hens? I'm from oxford. Which is close to lancaster.. I'm sure no one knows where oxford is lol
Welcome and good luck! Older laying hens can be hard to find but if you look into reputable chicken breeders in your area you can find out if they or someone else has laying hens. Just remember you will be having silkies who are a bit more fragile so just make sure you take steps so everyone gets along. I bought my older silkies with a barred rock and then added my younger girls who may be slightly bigger than my barred rock. I used flock block and bugs and some scraps which seems to keep everyone happy along with plenty of perches and space.

I can't wait to see your images and what you get!
Greetings from Kansas, mrsjohnson, and
! Pleased to have you in our community! You might try posting in the PA thread of the link below. Good luck to you!

Thanks! Happy to say I have found someone to get chickens from. I am getting four this weekend!

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