Looking for chickens in west GA

Check if you have a local or State poultry Facebook group as they can be super helpful. Check your other State threads on Backyard Chickens as well (as this rehoming thread isn’t the only place to look). Make sure to do your research so you’re not bringing home any sick birds. You can order chicks for early next year at your local tracker supply store if you are just looking for regular laying hens or hatchery quality birds. This time of year you might be able to find some ready to lay pullets, but few will have chicks and many will be trying to get rid of extra roosters. Do you know what breeds you want?
Anyone???? Where can I find some chickens?
Hi, I'm in central Georgia. Not sure what town you are in - Newnan area or further West (Alabama side)?
I have been debating about selling some of my girls (no roosters). Have 3 of the 2nd import Silverrudd's/Isbars born in March, 2019 and still laying.
Also have 9 Welsummers, born March 30th of this year that I'm thinking of selling 4 of them.
All had dry fowl pox in September which are all healthy now but do want to disclose that to you.
Also they are not lap chickens. Curious, friendly, love to follow me around, run up to me when they hear my voice/see me (looking for treats I'm sure) but not ones you can just hold in your lap and love on like most Silkies.
I currently have 15 chickens and want to cut back to 1/2 that amount.
Let me know if you're interested.

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