Looking for chickens

Michelle. LeVrier

6 Years
Oct 22, 2017
We are looking for silkie chickens, preferably not chicks, because we only have 3 left, a rhode island red rooster and a australorp rooster because my two roosters died of old age.
Where are you? We are in New York City and have a 13 week old Silkie that has just started to crow. We cannot keep him and would love to find him a good home. He is buff and black and was hand raised and very gentle and easy to handle. Has a very sweet little quiet chatty voice and loves to sit on a lap. Let me know. I actually came on the site today to post about re-homing him. I am going to get a photo now (wish me luck) and do let me know if you are interested! We hatched him from an egg that came from breeders "Hogston Heaven Farm" in Kentucky and came certified NPIP clean with paperwork.

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