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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by L_L_J, Dec 15, 2011.

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    Dec 15, 2011
    Our duck flock has 11 drakes but we're down to one female duck. This means she won't be able to stand the onslaught in the Spring. Already tried the feed stores and one lady who only had flying mallards. These are free-range domestic ducks on a small lake, also fed corn.

    Does anyone know where I can get/buy some barnyard females around Pineville, Louisiana? Know of a breeder around here?

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    my ducks mate all year long.. poor girl [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Make a craigslist wanted add in the farm and garden section. In your position I would be doing some fast and efficient culling to boot. Until then makes the boys bachelor it up and get the girl into private quarters.
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    Nov 20, 2009
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    Please seperate her from all those drakes before breeding season starts. It would be cruel to subject her to 11 drakes. Can you pick out a favorite drake and put them in their own pen?
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    I echo everyone's sentiment: Please separate them as quickly as you can. Also, as others have said, you are probably going to have to cull or give away some of your drakes: The number of females required to prevent over-breeding or fighting with this number of drakes would be untenable and or unaffordable unless you would separately pen each pair.

    I have three drakes and two of them (Rouens) have claimed 4 hens and my other drake (Runner) has only one. The Rouens relentlessly chased and harassed the Runner and his mate so I had to move the pair into the goat pasture during the day: They have separate housing at night too.

    I don't know of any breeders in your neck of the woods. Their is one in Chackabay, LA, but that is south of Baton Rouge and an all day ordeal for you. Again as other poster's have said, you may want to keep a watch on both Craigslist (I am picking up two free Pekin hens today from a Craigslist ad) and the Louisiana Market Bulletin: a publication by the Department of Agriculture where farmers can advertise their livestock, hay, equipment, etc.


    The link above takes you to the home page. Their isn't anything that will help you in this months issue, but the new one is coming out in about two weeks.

    Also, I know it may be a bit far, but here is a link to the Mississippi Market Bulletin as well.


    The closest ducks to you are in Flora, Mississippi, but are kind of expensive. It is worth watching though.

    Oh, and I did check Craigslist for Jackson, MS and Hattiesburg, MS and their are several ads for ducks. One is located in Ruth, Mississippi, which is a bit of a drive, but here it is anyway....

    Good luck. It took me over 6 weeks of searching to come by the extra two hens I am getting today. I am hoping the extra two ladies will take some of the pressure off until the sexed ducklings I ordered for the spring are ready. Have a great day!

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