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Jun 13, 2017
Hey everyone. Starting to plan my first coop/run build for my first chicks.

I like the style of this house, but will be making things bigger to better fit my flock. I'm planning on getting bantam birds, and figure I'll have maybe 10 at my highest. The plans I found for this setup says it'll fit 6 birds, but I'm thinking maybe regular size?


From what I've read, bantams need 1sq foot within the coop and 4 sq ft for the run.

I'll probably scale everything to have enough space for 12 bantam, and have the run be around 12'x5' which is 60 sq feet which puts it to 5 feet a bird. The coop will be around 5'x4' or 20' total

Just wanting to get everyones thoughts?

The main things I'm taking from the photo is the high ceiling that runs the entire way of the run for ease of going in, but I'll be making big swing doors on the coop for access + deep litter method, and on each door will have a removeable panel to expose a giant screen on either, and lots of windows similar to what is shown. Similar really to the Carolina Coops, I love how they look and the design features. I am capable of building it myself, so figure I will :)

Attached some photos of what am thinking for the double open doors, with removeable panels

I'm in South Florida by West Palm, so gets nice and warm, and will have it opened up probably more times than closed, just for when its rainy. Going to do an automatic feeder + water method. Basically mount a food tube that will tuck in under the coop, and same with water but have the nipples on it. Seems to make the most sense...

Undecided on whether to put on a concrete slab or not. Will be tucked into my wooded area under some trees, and will bury a skirt of predator wire to help against digging. Going with 1x1 mesh on all windows, holes, run etc. Max of 3 nests, from what I've read thats probably too many anyway lol

Thoughts? Thanks for your help!


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I actually would go bigger. I keep 15-18 bantams in a 8x10 coop, and they can squabble sometimes. You can never have too much room, but you can definitely have too little. Being you are in Florida you might want to find a more open coop design as chickens need good ventilation and suffer in the heat. If you plan to leave the chickens in the run full time you will want it bigger too. The manufacturer's of coops often over estimate how many chickens can live in their coops. Not enough room is the main reason for behavioral problems in chickens.


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Smaller mesh would be better if you can, 1/2 or 1/4 inch hardware cloth screwed on not stapled.

I agree with @oldhenlikesdogs the more coop and run space you can provide the better.

I live in AZ and we have a 3 sided coop. We can add screens for shade in the spring to keep the coop open when it's hot, or solid panels when it's cold or windy. We used window screen mounts to hold them on.

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